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Freelancing Agreement

What is a freelancing 

An agreement between a customer that in need of qualified workers for a specific task or limited period of time, and an independent contractor that works on discrete projects. In this contract, the independent contractor or 'freelancer' agrees to provide a set of services for the client in exchange for payment, without becoming an employee.

How it works

1. Review sample document

2. Answer a few quick questions

3. Check for incoming LexKnights email

4. Review finalized contract

5. Follow instructions to E-Sign

Key Features

Clear Job


Many freelancing contracts use vague descriptions of the services to be provided, later causing disagreements. Our contract helps you set clear outcomes & deadlines.

Limits on


Small mistakes on sensitive jobs have severe consequences. If the risk is too high, Freelancers may reject such tasks. Freelancers’ responsibility can be limited.

Flexible Payment Arrangements



Provide for time-based remuneration with or without cap, or based on outcomes, and agree from the start exactly when payments should be made.

Property Rights


Be clear on who owns what. Our contract allocates intellectual property of the work product to the Client, but allows you to decide what part if any is retained by the freelancer.

Expense Reimbursement


Decide whether the freelancer should be reimbursed for expenses incurred on the job, and up to what maximum amount, if any.

Protecting Confidential



Freelancers may need access to sensitive business information to perform their duties. Our contract sets out non-disclosure obligations to protect the Client’s information.

Available for the following jurisdictions


England & Wales

Hong Kong

New York

Our automated contracts

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Price per Contract:


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