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Our automated contracts

Founder Agreement

Align early with your co-founders on what each will put in and get out of the business prior to incorporation.

Price per Contract:

US$ 49.99

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Protect your confidential information in initial discussions with potential business partners.

Price per Contract:


Letter of Intent

Prove the market wants your product by gathering letters of intent to purchase from prospective customers.

Price per Contract:

US$ 4.99

Freelancing Agreement

Whether you are freelancer or hiring one, ensure you get what your bargained for with a solid contract.

Price per Contract:

US$ 24.99

More contracts coming soon!

How it works

1. Review sample document

2. Answer a few quick questions

3. Check for incoming LexKnights email

4. Review finalized contract

5. Follow instructions to E-Sign

Available for the following jurisdictions


England & Wales

Hong Kong

New York