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Our automated contracts

Founder Agreement

Align early with your co-founders on what each will put in and get out of the business prior to incorporation.

Price per Contract:

US$ 49.99

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Protect your confidential information in initial discussions with potential business partners.

Price per Contract:


Letter of Intent

Prove the market wants your product by gathering letters of intent to purchase from prospective customers.

Price per Contract:

US$ 4.99

Freelancing Agreement

Whether you are freelancer or hiring one, ensure you get what your bargained for with a solid contract.

Price per Contract:

US$ 24.99

More contracts coming soon!

Automated Business Contracts Platform


Create and e-Sign Legally Binding Contracts in Minutes

Available for the following jurisdictions


England & Wales

Hong Kong

New York


How it works

1. Review sample document

2. Answer a few quick questions

3. Check for incoming LexKnights email

4. Review finalized contract

5. Follow instructions to e-Sign


Why LexKnights?

Focus on what you love.

We’ll take care of the paperwork.

Contracts are important. They cement your commercial engagements and ensure you get what you bargained for.

But they can also be expensive & time consuming, slowing you down and creating friction in relationships.

LexKnights helps you accelerate agreements cutting out 'paper' & 'work' from contracts so you can focus on growing your business.


About the Founder

Jose Sampedro is the Founder & CEO of Lexknights. He is a Member of the New York Bar, graduated with a J.D. from Columbia University’s School of Law as a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar, and practiced as a corporate lawyer at Magic Circle law firm Linklaters in its headquarters in London.


Jose also has extensive experience in business strategy and technology transformation, having worked for top-tier consulting firm the Boston Consulting Group and software giant Oracle, as well as holding an MBA from INSEAD.


What our users say

Eleanor Jones 


Finally a quick and easy way to get contracts signed on-the-go. Looking forward to more contracts becoming available!

Sandeep Kumar 


A much needed tool for us start-ups. With LexKnights we can keep our house in order contractually at an affordable cost.

Urvashi Gupta 

Reboot Global

I love the plain English approach to creating tailored contracts. LexKnights allows plenty of customisation without the legalese.